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Make Your Home and Office Cleaner with Central Vacuum Services!

Oh no! Not again!

You arrive home from your two-day vacation, and you see dust around the house. Well, your central vacuum would help in removing the clouds of dust and debris.

But there’s a big problem:

The central vacuum cleaner isn’t working!

Don’t worry! Central Vacuum Services is here to check and repair your central vacuum. We always meet the demands of our Toronto clients, whether they require service or maintenance of their central vacuum.

Central Vacuum Services aim to achieve excellence by providing services that satisfy clients.  We’re happy to serve our clients and offer the following services:

  • Installation
  • Repair
  • Maintenance

For the past years, our experienced team of technicians serves with excellence in the entire Toronto area. Clients who need new central vacuums are satisfied with our services. For us, our customers deserve nothing but the top service. So, we do our best to make them happy.

We’re focused and detail-oriented in our work. From the inspection to the end process, we make sure that quality always comes first.

But, that’s only the start of the services we offer you.

Let’s face it that some central vacuum services companies keep you waiting or if not; their work isn’t that excellent. Here at Central Vacuum Services, we have a different approach.

We value our client’s trust, so we arrive on time to your home to check your central vacuum. Our team sees to it that the vacuum undergoes proper checking before we start the service. Our team does their best to give you an honest and excellent service.

Let’s take, for example, the following services we mentioned earlier:

Central Vacuum installation

Do you need a central vacuum service for your residence in Toronto? You’ve come to the right site!

As a licensed company, Central Vacuum Services is trusted by many clients when it comes to installation of new vacuum cleaners. Our experts make sure the essential parts of a central are quality made and are working correctly.

Some of the essential central vacuum parts are the following;

  • Pipe
  • Wiring
  • Tubing
  • Storage container

Of course, we don’t forget to check the central vacuum if it functions properly. Our experts aim to give you a clean home and building. So, we assure you that excellence and quality service is present at Central Vacuum Services.

Unlike other companies who only focus on the central vacuum hardware, we focus on both equipment and installation.

Yes, the hardware is essential so that a vacuum could function properly. But, the installation (that includes the wiring and pipes) is a tough problem to solve if not performed correctly. So, we do check every detail or parts of the central vacuum before we install it.

It’s that simple, but the result we provide is quality all the time.

Central Vacuum Repairs

The team of Central Vacuum Services doesn’t only excel in vacuum installation but also central vacuum repairs. If our team sees that your vacuum needs more than cleaning, we proceed to the repair process.

The vacuum repair time depends on the overall condition of your central vacuum and other repairs. But, we assure you that we repair your vacuum at once. After the vacuum inspection, we start the work and follow our guidelines to make the task successful.

We perform the vacuum repair process by installing and replacing parts of the vacuum.

For example, your vacuum needs new wiring and pipes; we show you right away the parts that need replacement. Then, we tell you the costs of the parts.

Don’t worry because here’s the good news:

Central Vacuum Services in Toronto assure that parts are affordable. In this way, you wouldn’t suffer in ordering and paying for the parts. Our team always make sure that quality work is present in our work.

So, here’s another great news for you:

Our team makes sure that each of our vacuum parts is quality made. We hold partnerships with different but trusted central vacuum parts suppliers to ensure that you get the best parts for your vacuum.

Hence, you’re assured that your central vacuum is good as new after the primary vacuum service!



Central Vacuum Maintenance

Some central vacuum users forget that vacuum maintenance is also essential for you to use the cleaner properly. With the right maintenance service, you’re sure that the vacuum would last for many years.

So, we’re proud and happy about the following maintenance services for you:

  • Tank/Container Cleaning

The central vacuum’s container should be cleaned so that bacteria shouldn’t spread inside your home or office. Our team cleans the tank by washing and spraying bacterial disinfectant.

  • We Clean Vacuum Filters

Our team removes and clean a vacuum’s primary filter carefully. We also clean the secondary filter and makes sure no dust remains there. If the paper filter needs replacement, we replace it right away.

  • Service on Wall inlets

Here at Central Vacuum Services, we also remove debris in vacuum pipes. Debris and other dust cause a central vacuum cleaner to malfunction. Our team cleans the lube seals carefully. Also, our team doesn’t check if there are air leaks in the pipes. Clients can count on us to do repairs if it’s needed.

  • Service on Vacuum Attachment Set

A central vacuum system’s attachment set needs to check so that the vacuum works properly. You can count on our experts to clean the brush roller and the oil bearings if required. We also see to it to replace o repair the power nozzle belt.

  • Service Motor Cleanup

Experts at Central Vacuum Services check the motor carbons and oil bearings (If needed). The team removes dust from the vacuum’s electrical components so that the central space is in excellent condition all the time. Also, we check and clean the motor fans and exhaust system for you not to experience other issues in using the central vacuum in the future.

Clients are free to call us, and we schedule the maintenance service for your central vacuum system. If you need other information about the maintenance and other services, our team is willing to answer your queries.

Central Vacuum Services shows commitment and passion to our services successful. Our team values your needs, so we always give our best to make our functions successful.

Why Choose Central Vacuum Services?

For years, we continue to serve the Toronto area with honest service and professionalism. We’re dedicated and sincere in offering the best service for our clients. We do this through the following:

  • On-time service
  • Excellent service procedures and guidelines
  • Reliable and Expert team
  • 24/7 customer service

Our excellence reflects the significant work we continue to offer in Toronto. We believe that with excellent service comes success in the future. Our team works hard to give you the best service you need and deserve to have.

Our passion and sincerity to serve made us #1 in offering trusted central vacuum services. We’re happy to help you anytime! We consider our clients as our family, so we do our best to make you happy. For us, your happiness and satisfaction are a great reward we always treasure.  If you want the best central vacuum services, call us through these numbers 416-804-9144

Central Vacuum Services is always ready and happy to serve you!

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